Truda (britepink_) wrote in diabeticcooking,

SF Chocolate Lava Muffins

Ok, I was short on time and needed a creative dessert for dinner tonight. No SF jello pudding allowed on Saturdays..grumble.

I stopped of at Windmill farms which is similar to Henrys/Jimbos/Wild Oats/Whole Foods (kinda) where they have a small but decent selection of SF cakes, cookies and pies. Oh yeah they have gluten free and vegan desserts too. I found some SF chocolate muffins, 6 pk for $4.99.

In the cupboard I had some Smucker SF Chocolate Fudge Topping. I popped a couple tablespoons full into a mug and melted it in the microwave. Using one of those meat injectors (I am sure you could use a medication syringe too just no needle) I pulled someone of the topping into the tube and injected it SLOWLY into the center from the bottom. I made sure I moved it a couple times too to fill the whole muffin.

After I placed them on the center of the dessert plate, I drizzeled some of the remaining topping over the muffin and served it with SF Vanialla Bean ice cream and a freah ripe raspberry on top.
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